About Me.....

Angie B.


As a single mom for more than eight years, and a Soldier for 13, I have experienced the full gamut of challenges that a single, military Mom could experience. While my military experiences are unique to the U.S. Army, my ultimate goal is to foster an environment in which Moms serving in all branches can come together, share the good and bad, and uplift one another. I love baking, hot yoga, and Jeopardy:)

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Welcome to the
Single Mom Soldier Circle!

A space to unlace your boots and connect with other amazing Moms

The Single Mom Soldier Circle (SMSC) is a

judgement-free, welcoming space for us to connect and support one another. Whether it's a long day at the unit or a tough time at home with the kids, as a collective, we will find a resolution.

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Only a Soldier Mom can wake up and run two miles, shoot 150 meter targets, swap out her boots for heels in two minutes flat, prepare for a briefing, tuck in her little one without blinking an eye....and say "is that all?"-AB


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