Five Things I've Learned As a Single Military Mom

#1. Time Management is Key...I know I'm preaching to the choir, but seriously, if you don't manage your time it will come back to bite you. Meal prepping, buying in bulk, and having a set schedule for the kiddos are all time savers.

I still struggle with this at times and we all do...sometimes it worth paying a little extra to afford yourself extra time to something for you, or even spending some extra time with your kids.

#2. Your Leadership Will Never Understand Your Struggle..Unless You Make Them..We make up a minority of the Army's workforce, and it's imperative that you make your children a priority. If you're struggling to take care of them, how can you effectively do your job as a Soldier? Be vocal about your needs and use my #1 to assist while at work, you will thank yourself later.

#3. Take Care of Yourself..Although I haven't dated in quite sometime, I make it a priority to take care of myself..just for me (although these nails are looking like a mess at the Take some time to pamper yourself...a glass of wine/or nonalcoholic beverage and a hot bubble bath does wonders for a girl. Yoga has been great for me. In or current environment, there are so many virtual yoga classes it's easy to log-in and enjoy one. Taking care of yourself will increase your ability to take care of the little ones.

#4. Get the Kiddos Involved.. For the longest time I wanted to protect my daughter from having to do anything. I guess I wanted to make up from the lost time from schools and deployments. Ultimately, getting kids involved in household chores, school tasks, volunteering, etc. will only make them a better person. I've made a pledge to teach my 9 yr old to make a full breakfast by the end of this year:-)

#5. Be Gentle with Yourself. Listen to REALLY....listen Linda (sorry, my friend Jackie would love this)

We only have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 365 days in a year...AND? While most of us would like to be Superwoman, that's a lofty goal and burning yourself out doesn't help. If you don't accomplish all of the tasks that you've set out to achieve in a day or even a week it's cool..Be gentle, and know that your emotional/mental health is more important than cleaning those chicken nuggets out of the backseat:-)