Summer Fun Activities for the Kiddos (While working full-time)

Unless your child attends a summer camp away from home, or you have a support network to help during the summer, it can be a struggle to maintain a work/mom balance.

Here are a few ideas to get the little ones out of the house, but keeping the costs low..

1. On-post CYS (Child and Youth Services) Day Camps

Most installations offer them, and you can even drop off kids on your way to work, much like a normal day. There is usually an associated cost, but kids can participate in sports, do crafts, or even take field trips!

2. Local YMCA Camps

If you're looking for an off- post option, most YMCA's offer summer day camps as well. My daughter attended one a few summers back, and she enjoyed it. The downside is that some of the off post offerings can be a little more expensive than those on-post.

3. Vacation Bible School

Most churches offer VBS as an option for a few weeks during the summer, and there's usually no associated cost. Transportation is often provided, and sometimes bag lunch or bring your own lunch is required.

4. Stay at home Moms

While most SAHMs are normally busy with their own little ones, some are willing to welcome your little one into their home as well. It helps to be well connected within the neighborhood, or even ask your unit's Family Readiness Group leaders about options.

5. Subscription boxes/virtual camps

Several companies offer kid-friendly subscriptions/boxes relating to almost any area you can imagine. STEM, jewelry and crafts, gardening, you name it. One of the companies at our last duty stations offered curb-side pickup for prepackaged art and gardening sets. Be sure to checkout sites like Amazon and shops in your local area as well. My daughter's Girl Scout Troop also offered a virtual camp in lieu of the annual in-person option.