A Cross-Country PCS Move.....and COVID-19

For more than three months, I was uncertain about whether or not we would even conduct this PCS move. Nevertheless, the stars aligned and we began the journey from east to west coast. It took us a total of five days, and thankfully no bad weather or crazy traffic. It was actually a beautiful drive, and of course I'm a fan of convenience store hopping so it was great...lol..I'm looking forward to the drive back and would recommend the following overnight stops for anyone making the move in the future.

Nashville, TN; Ft. Smith, Arkansas(stay at the Doubletree if you can, the staff is awesome and they offer a military discount); Tumcumcari, NM ( you have to see Route-66, and eat at Del's Restaurant); Kingman, AZ; Salinas, CA (try Old Town Fish and Chips)

I posted a few pics below from our drive. I'd also recommend this bag (link below) if you're in the market for rooftop storage..held up for more than 2,800 miles without a tear or scratch. Take care to add a small twist in the straps that run through the weather stripping, but don't pull too tight.


Wishing you safe and happy travels!

Tumcumari Sunset

Try their fresh peach pies or pumpkin butter:)

Fort Smith @ sunset

Beautiful AZ Scenery