Telework..Grad School...Kiddos School Schedule..and oh yeah there's dinner..

I have to admit that over the past sixth months I've obtained some semblance of balance between teleworking (now grad school), parenting, and teaching (yes, you read that correctly).

Prior to our recent move I was faced with the challenge of teleworking while also helping my pre-teen daughter (that's another blog with her school work. I really struggled in the beginning because I felt as though I wasn't giving her enough support, but allowed myself to be inundated by work related meetings and due outs. I quickly realized that as a parent you can only give so much before your tank is registering on empty. Then what good are we? Nada..none...

While I'm no longer teleworking I am in grad school and have a soon to be middle schooler who has yet to start school. I've found very helpful site called TLSBooks that allows me to print out grade level appropriate assignments for her on a daily basis. While it's not school, it's keeping her mind fresh in the academic sense and occupying her time with something other than cute puppy videos and the latest slime challenges. Hopefully you will find some helpful resources on this site as well the others I've listed below. Wyzant is also a great resource if you're in need of a tutor and many teachers offer virtual lessons. (some resources free, require membership for others), awesome modules for grade levels)

And then there's dinner...I have two words for you AIR FRYER. Nothing new, but certainly a game changer. I've cooked everything from a t-bone and baked potato to jalapeño poppers (beignets are next:)

I purchase this one and have no complaints thus far..( they offer a discount on a single item with email signup)

Take care and we'll talk self-care very soon..