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How to Host an Epic (and inexpensive) Virtual Birthday Party!

For months I considered how I could go about planning my pre-teens birthday, and more importantly the actual execution. Here are a few tips that might help you as well:

  1. Choose a party theme- I chose a Parisian theme and was able to find lots of complementary party decorations from Party City and Michaels (pic below). I purchased all of the decorations for around $50.

  2. Send out invitations- You can find the cutest e-invites on Greetings Islands: www.greetingsislands.com. The site allows you to forward the invites directly to email, or download as a PDF for later use. Ensure that you include the hosting platform (Zoom works well, and the meeting ID/passcode) you can send this in a separate text as well if desired. If you have a free account it may send a message regarding a max party length, but they afforded us an extra 40mins. Make sure you include an email and physical address for e-gift cards and presents.

  3. Try your hand at baking a birthday cake. Trust me, I know that we aren't all pros like Yolanda from How to Cake It!, but the Funfetti Cake below is so easy anyone can do it. Preppy Kitchen's recipes are my favorites and here's the link for this one: https://preppykitchen.com/funfetti-cake-2/ . Just bake the cake(I used three 6" pans) and try a homemade American Buttercream, or use your favorite store bought one. SprinklePop offers amazing sprinkles as well if want to add them. Here's their link: https://sprinklepop.shop/

  4. Setup the party well in advance! Trust me on this one, you want to have buffer time in the event something goes wrong. Allow your guests to conduct a test and ensure they can access your event. Also ensure that you've enabled recording if offered on the platform. Zoom converts your meeting into an mp4 that can be later distributed to your guests! (Note: I removed the monitored picture prior to the party, it took up too much space and it was difficult to incorporate because the actual camera is on the laptop. You can install Zoom on your cellphone as well if necessary.

  5. Let your birthday boy or girl choose someone from the screen to offer greetings and open their respective gift(s) (if applicable).

  6. Sing Happy Birthday and play games- (What's in your house, trivia, and bingo are good options)

  7. Post party wrap up-Take pics of the birthday boy/girl blowing out candles(we did it in step 6 as well) and in front of the birthday backdrop (I purchased the one below from Amazon). Send out the party recording (mp4) and party pics. Uploading to a Google Drive and sending out the link is super easy.

  8. Enjoy cake and ice cream..or wine:) and pat yourself on the back Mama, you did it!